Can I sign up a reading in advance?
Readings are not booked in advance and can only be booked for the day with you present.
How do I sign up a reading?
You sign up for and pay for readings at the front desk. You will be given a ticket for the selected reader at a specific time. Do not lose the ticket, this is the only record of your session. Some readers may book up early and may not be available if you come later in the day. You can come and go as throughout the day as long as you have your wristband.
How do I know which reader or healer to see?
There will be listings available with a short description of each reader and healer. The number in the listing will be the same number on their table. Feel free to walk around and look at the different practitioners and see which one you feel a connection to.
Can the Expo staff help me choose a reader or healer?
The Expo staff can tell you who is available at the time you would like your readings. They can advise on the type of modalities the practitioners use but they cannot make recommendations for specific practitioners.
How long is a reading and healing session?
All sessions are 15 minutes. You may book 2 consecutive sessions with a reader for a total of 30 minutes. Two consecutive readings are the maximum, but you may book another session later in the day.
How do I to get the most from my reading session?
Have your questions prepared before you come and prioritize them to make sure the most important gets covered.
How do I know which lectures to attend?
All lectures are available free of charge with admission to the Expo. There will be lecture listings located around the Expo with descriptions of the lectures, the presenter and the time. Remember to schedule reading and healing sessions around the lectures you want to attend.
Will there be food available at the Expo?
Yes, there will be food options available for purchase.
Can I bring my dog with me?
Unfortunately, only service dogs are allowed in the buildings at Blue Ridge Community College. Please note: your pets do not need to be with you for readings.