Table Numbers Subject to Change
Please note - some sessions require 30 minutes i.e. 2 tickets required. 
1.  SANDRA DENISE MOLINA – Archangelic Healing
Sandra is an International Angel Touch Healer and Messenger. She is a Certified Angel Messenger Practitioner. Experience the unconditional love and healing of the Archangels by experiencing Archangelic Healing. You will be covered with the gentle healing energy of 8 Archangels and experience Sandra’s gifts of intention and healing. It is time to embrace courage, balance, guidance, peace, inspiration, love, blessings, and empowerment. With her purest intention, unwavering faith, and unrelenting passion, Sandra touches and transforms lives. 
www.SandraDeniseMolina.com (Bilingual in English & Spanish) (30-minute minimum i.e. 2 tickets)
2.  SCOTT LAURENZA – Marconics High Frequency Energy Healing Attunements
High vibrational energy healing attunements allow higher frequencies to attune and resonate with the bio-magnetic field. Fully integrate cosmic energies of the higher self and over-soul into the chakras. Dissolve and disintegrate energetic blockages and facilitate the evolution, awakening, and spiritual progress through allowing the energetic body to receive high frequency healing and attune to new levels of expansion, harmony, integration into the physical plane and reality. www.BlueRidgehypnotherapy.com (30-minute minimum i.e. 2 tickets) 
3.  GAIL HAGENBUCH – New Earth Alignment
Gail’s sessions support accelerated healing by working with the alchemy of over 400 crystals, high frequency Beings of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters, Sacred Geometry and more. This work activates and aligns an expanded number of chakras within the individual’s subtle body affecting positive change on many levels: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. One could feel more expansive, connected, have more loving relationships, better sleep, less stress, heightening intuition and a reduction of physical symptoms. www.GailHagenbuch.com
4.  BETTYE DORN – Access Consciousness “Bars” Healing 
Is now the time to unburden your mind and let go of patterns that have been limiting you? Bettye is an ACCESS BARS certified practitioner offering 30-minute mini-sessions. Bettye will lightly touch specific points on your head to dissipate the electromagnetic component of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you have stored for a lifetime. Kind of like "defragging" your computer! Release your limitations and open your world to new possibilities ~ come have your BARS RUN! facebook.com/bettye.dorn (30-minute minimum i.e. 2 tickets) 
5.  JON MIMS – Reflexology with Reiki Energy
Achieve relaxation and homeostasis through a combination of both reiki and reflexology. Jon’s treatment philosophy is that a session is never conducted with the intent to cause pain, but only to use pain as a guide to the areas that are blocked and therefore, need attention. The primary goal is always the overall relaxation and healing of the client. facebook.com/practitionerjonmims
6.  LETHEA GERBERS – Hands on Healing, Reiki
Lethea, aka ”Hot Hands”, balances your energy fields using a light, gentle touch on your head, shoulders, or at the location of the physical distress. By balancing your energy fields, you ease pain, relax your body, and enter a peaceful mental and emotional state. Lethea is an experienced Reiki Master and expert hands-on healer who is especially gifted in removing pain. She is experienced in energy medicine taught through the Kabbalah, Circle of the Heart, Access Consciousness and Delphi University. Tiggertwo01@gmail.com
7.  PHYLLIS WEIMAR - Intuitive Reflexology 
Phyllis is an ARCB certified reflexologist and intuitive healer offering insightful foot reflexology, Vagus Nerve and neck reflex therapy. Reflexology accesses your body's wisdom through energy reflexes with light touch and INTENTION. This activates the NERVOUS SYSTEM to restore internal balance on all levels, inducing deep relaxation, stress relief, and improved circulation. P-O-R-T-A-L and Vagus Nerve reflexology balances you FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE response thus helping you trust your GUT instinct. She communicates respectfully with your body so, step into your bliss!
www.giftreflexology.com  (30-minute minimum i.e. 2 tickets) 

8.  GARY LLOYD - Chair Massage and/or Reiki 
Gary Lloyd provides integrative massage sessions that combine Swedish massage and neuromuscular therapy to address each individual’s needs, whether for relaxation or to address specific issues. He is also a Reiki Master. Reiki is an energy healing modality that can be provided as a stand-alone treatment or be incorporated as part of a massage. He also provides Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, an intuitive, healing experience. Sessions are very healing as well as relaxing.  www.peacefulwaymassage.com

9.  THOMAS WRIGHT – Healing Consults 
Thomas is a Toltec trained healer and shaman who has been able to see and work with energy in the human body since birth. He can “see” energy blockages in people’s bodies. He does this by focusing on the one area in a client’s body that is most dense/bright/constricted, and in doing so, facilitates healings and healing consults using different methods for breaking up that density so that their energy can flow for healing.  www.a-course-in-shamanism.com 
10. LINDA BEALS – Medical Intuitive
Linda listens to what her client is communicating, energetically and verbally tuning into pain levels, symptoms, or areas of discomfort. The frequencies that show up tell her about certain imbalances. She then clears those imbalanced frequencies with energy and light. Linda doesn’t go into a healing session with the intention of eradicating a disease or microbe, (and that does happen!) but to help the body return to a state of homeostasis, one that is more peaceful, balanced, and harmonious. 
11.  JUDY HANSEN – Intuitive Healer
Judy is a Spiritual Medical Intuitive. Medium, and Life Coach. She can see through energy layers to quickly scan your energy fields to detect the location of energy blocks, imbalances, and core challenges as well as see your soul’s essence and spiritual gifts. She looks for attached energies or past life traumas that need to be cleared. Through her cutting-edge processes, she instantaneously helps you to remove blocks, expand your spirit's energy fields to ground and balance you on your path. 
www.judyehansen.com (30-minute minimum i.e. 2 tickets)