1.       Katie Craig (Saturday only) – a Certified Angel Tarot Reader and is delighted to offer general readings as well as romance readings.

Julie King (Sunday only) – Psychic/Tarot/Clairaudient. Julie is a gifted psychic, who specializes in relationships, finances, spiritual transformation and business-career matters. She has been a professional intuitive for over 30 years and although her primary tool is the Voyager Tarot she draws from years of experience working with symbols, astrology, angels, colors, psycho-therapeutic and other healing techniques. Julie’s readings are accurate, motivating, and energizing!

2.       Jessica Lee Alton – Jessica Lee Alton has been channeling for 15 years – skilled in automatic writing, Angel Card Reading and mediumship. She is a Certified Angel Tarot Reader and medium by Doreen Virtue PhD.

3.       Barbara Kahn – Find insights for your life and learn new intuitive ways to uncover the cards that will speak to you today. Using her own published deck, the Ancient Oracle deck. Your reading empowers you to choose your cards and to receive information for your questions or desires.

4.       Lorrie Contino – As an Animal Communicator I assist you and your pet using my empathic and telepathic skills, as well as intuition. I communicate with all species whether living or in Spirit. I can help with behavioral challenges, end of life concerns, and healthcare decisions. My highest intuition is to be a conduit for Spirit to bring in love and tranquility to you and your animal friends.

5.       Susan Marie Vinci – Clairvoyant Readings and Medical Intuitive. Susan has been a reader for over 20 years using the gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship in addition to medical Intuition to assist her clients. She especially enjoys working with animals sharing their reincarnations past including lifetimes with you and what they are thinking.

6.    Jonna Rae Bartges – The “Happy Medium” Jonna Rae uses gentle humor, authenticity and compassion to connect clients not only with loved ones in spirit, but with very specific and accurate information about their past, present and future. “I see dead people so you don’t have to” is her slogan. For 35 years she has been dedicated to being the “happy medium” between the worlds of science and spirit, and frequently reads for psychologists, psychiatrists and medical doctors.

7.       Emerald Rose – Clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, artist (soul paintings), poet, Reiki Master and Wise Woman. Emerald has worked with Angels and the Devic kingdom since infancy. Readings and cards and crystals she us in tune with esoteric and physical worlds to help you see the deepest meaning in your questions, past, present and future, and to resolve issues relating to love money, career and more.

8.       Christi Jacobs French – Akashic Records Facilitlation

9.       Annette Hunner – Divination, Insight, and Inspiration – Until you can look at something in a new way, you can’t see new possibilities for yourself. New perspectives are my specialty. I can help you see yours.

10.   Teresa Eidt (LSHC) – Health Intuitive, Medium, Chakra Healing, Clairvoyant, Reiki. Teresa uses her intuitive abilities to assist you in discovering the root causes of your health issues. She offers tools and techniques to help you heal and maintain wellness. Let her help you find the health you have been missing!

11.   Irene Burton – tarot reader, Master Reiki advance integrated energy practitioner, master medicinal aromatherapy, spiritual phyto essencing, integrative health coach, ordained priest

12.   Alexandria Pederson – Angel Readings. Alexandria works with angels and gives messages from Spirit. Have questions? She will read and share with you. She’s been giving readings or 14 years.

13.   Patricia Hurley - Elemental Divination - Patricia offers the ancient art of divination. Her Elemental Divination uses shells, rocks, crystals, coins and bones on a cloth that displays the five elements of the Dagara tradition (water, fire, earth, mineral and nature). Divination has been used by people since ancient times, for many reasons – guidance with spiritual paths, difficult decisions, relationships, and much more. Experiencing a divination is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of the spirit realm. She can help you find your Spirit, Animal or Plant guides through journey work.

14.   Thia McGinnis –Thia is an intuitive, offering guiding insights for personal and professional illumination. She has a perceptive access to the Ageless Wisdom bringing forth enlightened clarity through a legacy of Mystics. She provides Shustah Readings: Wisdom of the Ancient Teachings, Pages of Shustah, is a practical tool for bringing focus during times of change.  An inventory of the Laws of Spiritual Awareness portrayed in Symbolism and Astrology, Shustah assists in increasing sensitivity and greater intuitive awareness in daily living.  

15.   Trish Crowley – Intuitive Medium and Reiki Master

16.   Patricia Alton – Channelled Angel Readings - Patricia is an Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue, an Ordained Shamanic Minister and certified Fairyologist by Doreen Virtue. Patricia delivers divinely guided messages from the Angel and Fairy Realms

17.   Rebecca Pfeffer – International and Psychic Medium and Energy Intuitive.

18.   Susan Edwards – Pyschic, Angelic Mediumship – Angel Wings and Healing Things – Looking for clarity, answers and direction allow the Angels to guide you. Sit back and relax and listen as Susan brings you the answers you are looking for.

19.   Emily Smoke -  Intuitive Conversations – Emily shares with you the insight she receives that can help you empower you to create what you want. Helping you let go of thought forms that might be holding you back.


Table Numbers Subject to Change

12.  EWANNA – Soul Energy Alignment with Cosmic Guidance
Ewanna is a Multidimensional Soul Healer and Creator Being, acting as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Connecting at heart level, Ewanna understands the language of your Soul, which she translates into messages and guidance. Using Light, Angelic Sound, and Cosmic Shamanism, she cleanses and adjusts your energetic field to match your Soul frequency and bring you in alignment with your essence-bliss and divine purpose. Facebook.com/HEALwithEwanna (30-minute minimum i.e. 2 tickets) 
13. BECKY DORN – Intuitive Counseling, Emotional Reiki
Becky uses her ability to intuitively sense information about a person’s emotions and their relationships to help people on deep, personal levels. She is a life-long empath, a Reiki Master, and has been a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for over 15 years. Her readings not only include intuitive insights, but she transmits Emotional Reiki healing energy to you during the sessions and gives practical techniques to use afterwards. Her sessions are available for couples as well as individuals.
 becky@rebeccadorn.com (Couple sessions are 30 minutes i.e. 2 tickets)  
14.  DANA WATSON – Intuitive Reader, Healer
Dana works as an intuitive healer whether it be through transformational coaching or providing an intuitive spiritual reading. Either way, she uses all the intuitive gifts she has been blessed with to help each and every client for their best move forward in life. Dana also works with young children helping them to become more in tune with their own gifts and helping them to be able to express them in ways of understanding how to use them. www.awakenedintuitive.com
15. DONNA CLIFFORD – Intuitive Reader
Are you needing guidance? Feeling overwhelmed? Having anxiety? Needing direct answers? Angel Card guidance can help! I use 6 beautiful oracle card decks featuring angels, mermaids, goddesses and more to create a storyboard, full of information on what is going on in your life from all perspectives with clear steps on how to move forward. Clients always leave feeling recharged and destressed. www.divineinhalehealing.com
16. JOHN WORSTELL – Akashic Records
A Unique Discovery of Your Journey Through This Life! Tending souls through the Akashic Records in concert with Human Design and the Cards of Destiny. The Cards of Destiny are more Feminine . . . Flowing Energy . . . guided by Astrology Symbology and Numerology. Human Design . . . are more masculine . . . created by the combination of Astrology, Chakras, Iching and the Kabbalah. With a sacred prayer, I access your records as your guides and teachers guide me. creativegardeningnow@gmail.com
17. EMERALD ROSE – Psychic Counseling, Soul Sketches
Emerald is a psychic, medium, artist, Reiki Master, Priestess and multidimensional communicator with Angelic and Devic Kingdoms and spirit guides. In tune with the esoteric, physical and multidimensional worlds, she will help you see the deeper meaning in your questions, past, present and future and help you resolve issues related to love money career and more. emeraldroseartisticsouls@gmail.com (Soul Sketches are a 30-minute minimum i.e. 2 tickets) (Regular 15 minute i.e. 1 ticket) 
18.  TERRI JARVIS – Psychic Reader, Spiritual Guidance
Terri is a gifted spiritual guidance counselor and psychic reader of 30 years. As you sit together, your guides and angels work hand in hand to provide information that is for your highest and greatest good. During your reading questions related to your life purpose, relationships, travel and your hopes and dreams will be answered. Terri’s goal is to utilize her many tools: Nurse, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Guidance Counselor and Psychic to bring you clarity and to assist you on your path, which we call life.
19. BOBBY BARANOWSKI – Past Life Exploration with EFT
Bobby has decades of experience assisting people to explore their past lives and is now incorporating EFT tapping into this healing and consciousness expanding process. At the Expo Bobby will be guiding a brief past life journey using a positive emotion as a bridge. Experience a new appreciation of your higher self that has lived many fascinating lives so you can recover the diversity of those experiences into your daily life. PastLivesProject.org
20. TINA VARNER-MIMS – Spiritual Medium
Tina, a Spiritual Medium, uncovers your deepest desires, offers spiritual advice and guidance for your journey to your higher self and communicates with the spiritual world. Her natural abilities were first recognized at the age of 5 when she healed a puppy. Although her modalities are numerous, she is well known for her psychic ability, and the healing of the spirit and body. She is also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Animal Reiki practitioner, and Life Coach.  Facebook.com/TinaVarner-Mims
21. PATRICIA HURLEY - Elemental Divination
Trish offers the ancient art of divination given to her by her West African teacher Malidoma Some. She uses his five elements tradition along with stones, bones, shells, crystals, and coins on a cloth, she provides a reading in response to your questions. Prescriptions are shared to assist in bringing you into alignment with your inquiry and soul direction. Experiencing a divination is a beautiful, wonderfully empowering and healing manifestation of the spirit realm. www.Patricia9hawk.com
22. PAM WALKER - Intuitive Reader, Medium
Through her own studies and as a Medium, Intuitive and Healer, Pam can provide messages from many energies on the other side to help you see past the challenges of life and to encourage healing of the body, mind and spirit. She has experienced her own pain with the loss of loved ones and understands how grief affects us. Having a clearer view of "why" can open the pathways to enlightenment. www.PathwaystoHealng.com
23. LISA WAGONER – Intuitive Oracle Readings, Spell work
Lisa gives intuitive oracle card readings with a free spell given after every reading. Using a variety of decks, she will help you find answers and healing, along with suggested spell and ritual work to help you achieve what you would like to manifest. Facebook.com/bonmots2you
24.  ROSE PROUD – Intuitive Animal Communicator
Rose helps to open the line of communication between you and your animal companion with love, mutual respect and understanding. She receives information telepathically through an exchange of pictures and sensations. She can help with emotional/behavioral/health challenges and animals in spirit. As a spiritual intuitive, she tunes into the energy of your animal spirit guides. She receives information and messages to support you on your life path. Energy healing is available for animals and people.
25. TERESA EIDT - The Body Whisperer ~ Health Intuitive
Teresa discovers the root cause of health issues and gives her clients the healing tools needed to create an optimum level of health. She analyzes your energy using her abilities as a clairvoyant health intuitive by scanning each layer of the body, from the organs through the auric field. She employs the use of kinesiology, vibration elevation, visualization, and the Eidt Method of Chakra Healing. Teresa is also a licensed Spiritual Health Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Chakra Healer.
26. JONNA RAE BARTGES – Psychic “Happy Medium”
“I see dead people so you don’t have to” says Happy Medium Jonna Rae. She connects clients with loved ones in spirit while accurately reading their past, present and future. She has lived her life blending an Emmy-winning career at TV stations and global corporations like Disney and Legoland with accessing higher consciousness. The “Happy Medium” between science and spirit, Jonna Rae is an approved provider of CEUs for nurses, and a Reiki Master Teacher.  www.JonnaRae.com
27.  JUDY CRAVEN – Tarot Card Reader 
Judy has always been a spiritual person; She believes the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of the tarot cards as tools. She was blessed with a gift of being able to connect with the cards and love having the opportunity to help her clients with their own journey. Her focus is to bring forward awareness, show opportunities and choices and to help others reach their potential. judyreadsyourcards@aol.com
28.  KEESHA AROIX FENZEL - Intuitive Psychic Tarot
Keesha is an empathic and psychic reader whose passion is to help guide others along their journey. She offers various styles of readings, all which leave you feeling inspired and filled with hope. Keesha is dedicated to guiding others to overcome their obstacles and to better achieve their goals. She looks forward to reading you!
29.  SUSAN MARIE VINCI – Psychic, Medical Intuitive, Animals, Past Lives
As a clairvoyant counselor and psychic, Susan is a Spiritual Invisionary into Past Lives, assisting with present life concerns of family, relationships, careers, and health. Her medical intuitive readings are very beneficial in cause and effect of physical ailments. Susan also reads the past lives of animals, sharing how you knew them before and what they were before becoming our pets thus explaining behaviors in this life. She also assists in finding lost pets and in murder investigations. www.SusanMarieVinci.com
30.  LILLIAN ALEXANDRIA PEDERSON – Mediumship, Channel, Energy Harmony
Lillian gives guidance as she channels Source to answer your questions, supports you in sharing truth received from Source or assist you in connecting with a loved one. Often, a physical disharmony may arise that needs to be released and transmuted from you and with your permission.  She will help release the disharmony and download energy to bring you back into harmony. Ready for answers and more? Join Lillian for a reading today!  www.RadiantLotusCenter.org 
31. ANDREA ALLEN – The Healing Medium
Andrea is an internationally recognized healing Psychic/Medium who delivers evidential messages directly from spirit. She is a no tools reader who sees, hears and feels spirit reading on all topics. As a psychic, she will answer your questions before you ask. As a medium she will validate your loved one and that love never dies. Join her and gain a meaningful connection with spirit. www.AndreaAllen.net
32.  SUSAN STOWELL – Intuitive Astrology Readings 
Astrological Consultations with Angels and Ascended Masters – Self-knowledge is the best gift to give yourself. Access your divine self by having an Astrology reading that will uplift you and provide insight to your life purpose. Natal charts, Relationship charts, Solar Return charts, and Progressed charts. With intention and clarity, Susan intuitively aligns with planet beings, Archangels and Ascended Masters to provide healing energies and guidance toward realizing, fulfilling and expressing one’s highest divine potential. Facebook.com/intentionalastrology/
33.  PAMELA SHOOK - Intuitive Tarot, Chakra Readings
For over 40 years, Pamela has been helping clients understand and release the hidden blocks that keep them from living their life purpose, finding healthy and lasting relationships, making career transitions, transcending health issues, and accessing the wisdom and protection of their spirit guides. She creates a safe, sacred space to hear and embrace the truth. She is also an Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Somatic Healing Practitioner. www.PamelaShook.com
34. KELLY HATFIELD – Ancestral Clearing, with Distance Reiki
Kelly helps you to identify ancestral wounds and supports you in acknowledging these generational wounds. Using her intuition and with distance Reiki, she guides you in clearing out that which is ready to be cleared to make space for new beliefs, ideas, experiences and ancestral repatterning. Her work in this world is to empower others to bring their stories to light, to acknowledge what needs shifting or healing. Facebook.com/rituals4healing/
35.  SHIFRA NERENBERG - Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Readings
Shifra has been reading Tarot/Oracle Cards for more than 20 years. She uses the cards as a touchstone for her intuition to give open and honest insight into your future, plus practical steps for moving forward on your personal journey. She offers advice on all aspects of life (spiritual, physical, emotional, interpersonal, financial, energetic, etc.) in order to help you reach your fullest potential and be true to your highest self. www.SpiralIntuitive.com (Couple sessions require a 30-minute session i.e. 2 tickets)
36.  TREVOR LEWIS – “The British Empath” Intuitive
Trevor is an international empath coach and energy healer with some of the best teachers NOT on the planet. He clears unresolved emotions, removes blocks, and installs new strategies for a more fulfilling life as well as providing intuitive readings using pendulum, runes, I-ching, animal cards and other oracles. Born in London, England, he shares his wisdom with an offbeat British sense of humor using The Queen’s English. www.ThrivingEmpath.com
37. DONA MATERA - Exploring the Inner Terrain
Enjoy a transformational reading exploring the inner terrain that gives rise to your outer circumstances. Intuitively sensitive since childhood, Dona was led to train and work in the field of Integral Counseling Psychology. For 40 years she has been offering a tapestry of psycho-spiritual systems and healing practices, weaving together methods such as hypnotherapy, shamanism, dreams, astrology, chakras, meditation, and qigong. Come listen to the gentle, yet powerful, guidance of your inner voice. 
38.  ANNETTTE HUNNER – Access Your Inner Self 
Annette is an intuitive and metaphysical practitioner with over 35 years of experience. Her unique approach is empathic, captivating, and dynamically engaging. Annette’s knowledge and tools will guide you onto a path of understanding your personal conditions and bring awareness, clarity and the excitement of new possibilities for self-empowerment and fulfillment. Accessing your inner self will help you turn challenges into valuable life experiences providing a foundation for you to manifest your desires, dreams, and intentions. annettehunner@gmail.com
39. JAMI GIBSON – Intuitive Crystal Readings
Jami is an Intuitive Empath, crystal healer, teacher and author. She has counseled hundreds of people around the world - the business person looking for more clarity, the individual looking to create a more satisfying life, as well as those experiencing basic life situations. Each reading reflects your path in that moment and Jami can tap into your energy to help guide you. Remember, if you do not like the path you are on you can change it. www.JamiGibson.com
40.  JULIE KING – Psychic, Tarot
Julie is a gifted psychic, who specializes in relationships, finances, spiritual transformation and business-career matters. She has been a professional intuitive for over 30 years and although her primary tool is the Voyager tarot she draws from years of experience working with symbols, astrology, angels, colors, psycho-therapeutic and other healing techniques. Julie’s readings are accurate, motivating, and energizing!  www.acupsychic.com